Yorkshire’s literary tryst with Toronto’s Don valley

Alissa York in Huddersfield

Alissa York in Huddersfield

“On Monday 16th February Alissa York entertained an enthusiastic Huddersfield audience, who had braved a cold and dark Monday night to come and hear her talk about and read from Fauna. For over an hour Alisa kept us engaged with a combination of anecdote, insights into the writer’s craft, and readings from the novel. With the image of Billy crunching rabbit bones echoing in our ears, we enjoyed Alissa’s impromptu mapping of Toronto on a flipchart, helping us to situate Fauna and its motley collection of people and animals within the rivers, ravines and built environment of the city. Alissa presented disturbing accounts of her research into animal trafficking and exploitation and, after reading extracts where she offers the perspective of the animal, answered questions about the politics and ethics of the relationship between animal and human. Some of the audience had read the book and appreciated the different perspectives Alissa’s talk offered; others went away determined to read Fauna at the earliest opportunity.”  (Dr. Sarah Falcus, University of Huddersfield)

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