Steve Hewitt at the University of Leeds, 18th March

ShewittThe Yorkshire Network for Canadian Studies, in conjunction with the Leeds Centre for Canadian Studies, are delighted to host the next talk of the Canadian Studies research seminar series:

Dr. Steve Hewitt (University of Birmingham)

Before Ottawa: The Ottawa Attack in Historical Context and the Birth of Modern Canadian Counter-Terrorism, 1970-1985

Wednesday, March 18th, Room 340, Michael Sadler Building, 5:30 pm.

Steve Hewitt is Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham. He is a specialist in historical and contemporary security and intelligence in a US/UK/Canada context. His work has covered a range of topics, such as state surveillance against Canadian universities, UK and US counter-terrorism, a history of informants, and the world’s most famous police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has also appeared on BBC Radio and Television, CBC Television and Radio and published several opinion pieces in the media, including in The Guardian, Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.


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