Susan Billingham at Huddersfield – 18th March

susan billingham

YNCS were thrilled to host Susan Billingham at the University of Huddersfield as part of a series of research seminars.  Susan read from and discussed the writing of Ivan E Coyote, including the collections ‘One in Every Crowd’ and ‘Missed Her’.  ‘One in Every Crowd’ is a collection, especially compiled for young adults and Susan talked about this in the context of her latest project, which focuses on young adult literature with gay, lesbian and queer content. In particular, she explores queer pedagogies, education, and institutional atitudes to queer youth, and it was really interesting  to hear Susan’s first hand accounts of how the parochial nature of the structure of Canada’s school system could be contributing to the slow absorption of LGBTQ literature into syllabuses and school libraries.  ‘One in Every Crowd’ is one of the texts explored in Huddersfield’s Contemporary Women Writers module this year, so it was an absolute treat for the students taking this module to hear Susan speak.  Discussion after the talk was lively, engaged and seemed to end to quickly.  We’d love to thank Susan again for venturing northwards to share her research with us.

2 thoughts on “Susan Billingham at Huddersfield – 18th March

  1. Susan was a fabulous speaker; this event was a real credit to the overall initiative. As a student preparing to deliver a conference paper, her delivery was particularly engaging. Susan was approachable and enthusiastic.Her paper was well put together and efficient and I wouldn’t hesitate to attend another event of this kind.

  2. This was a really interesting and thought-provoking talk. Good to be reminded that so much important work is being done in this area of LGBTQ literature and education.

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