Aritha Van Herk – “The Eloquence of Laundry” – April 8th at Huddersfield Art Gallery


Whether you’re a lover of literature or laundry, or if you never thought that the words laundry and eloquence could go together, then this will be an event that you’ll love. Everybody who attends Aritha’s talk comes away inspired and with food for thought. YNCS are pleased to host Aritha in Huddersfield, in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and Kirklees Libraries.

“Aritha will show us that laundry–the cleaning and drying and pressing of clothing–is a cultural aesthetic, a metaphor for both secrecy and visibility, an act of physical labour, a partner to water, and an apparatus of social declension. Laundry is implicitly associated with both filth and the erotic, but for all its inevitable presence, it is magnificently disguised, a literary and filmic metaphor that resonates through time and continues to ghost both literature and life.”

This is a rare opportunity to see this award-winning Canadian author and critic in England. Huddersfield Art Gallery is above Huddersfield Library. It’s a lovely space – grand and lively at the same time. Do come along and join us. The event is free and everybody is welcome.

April 8th, 6-8 pm at Huddersfield Art Gallery

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