Aritha Van Herk – “Restlessness Incarnate: Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go Everywhere” – April 9th at Leeds City Museum


Who could resist a talk with a title like this? YNCS, together with the University of Leeds are delighted to host Aritha for this talk that will explore restless and movement with emphasis on what it means to be a writer in Canada. As Aritha herself describes:

“Restlessness and movement are incited by the temper and the spirit of extensive spaces, stretching as they do in a proposal of endless destination, or even more telling, traversal without terminus, a constant and rolling journey’s end that need never propose itself as closure or obstacle. The geographical complexity of Canada, the second-largest country in the world, with multiple temptations for episodes of motion sickness, that malaise that I define as the eagerness to change
position rather than the nausea inspired by movement, inscribes on its writing a picaresque dream. This yearning encompasses a desire to flee, towards or away– the inclination can controvert and double back on its own impetus. This desire can be enunciated by a picaresque vernacular: an urge to take to one’s heels, to hightail down the road, to scamper and bolt, hotfoot and skedaddle, split or make tracks. In short, good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere!” Aritha van Herk

This exciting event will be held at Leeds City Museum, and there will be the chance to speak with Aritha over a glass of wine after the talk. The event is free, but space (and wine!) are limited, so please book your place by emailing Jessica Ballantine at

Leeds City Museum – 6.30pm April 9th

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